Cobra Hose

COBRA sewer cleaning hose is engineered and manufactured to handle the toughest and most harsh conditions found in high-pressure sewer cleaning applications. Its thermoplastic composition and unique bonded construction allows for a flexible and light-weight hose, along with superior kink resistance, and improved fitting retention. The high tensile strength polyester reinforcement provides for exceptional low volumetric expansion and eliminates moisture absorption. Cobra also features a tough polyether-urethane cover that offers maximum resistance to cutting, abrasion, various chemicals, and fungus.

Swaging Step By Step

Step 1: Cut hose squarely (hand held cutter recommended).

Step 2: Measure and mark hose for proper insertion depth of coupling.

Step 3: Select appropriate swage die referring to swage specifications.

Step 4: Install two-piece split die into die bowl.

Step 5: Remove or elevate one die segment to allow installation of the hose and coupling.

Step 6: Select appropriate pusher referring to swage specifications.

Step 7: Insert coupling completely into the pusher. Using jack handle advance cylinder upward. As fitting approaches die opening properly align for entry of the coupling by deflecting the hose as required. Exert an upward force to ensure fitting is completely inserted into the pusher.

Step 8: Using jack handle continue to advance cylinder upward until bottom of pusher fully contacts top face of dies.

Step 9: Remove swaged assembly and check finished swage diameter to confirm that it is within swage specifications.