About Us



Spoutvac Industries Pty Ltd has its origins in October 1987 as Australia’s first major manufacturer of Industrial Vacuum and Water Jetting Systems.

Spoutvac is today recognised as a leader in the applications of vacuum loading and high pressure water jetting technologies, specialising in design of mobile solutions for environmental and industrial cleaning, material handling, hydro excavation and drain and sewer cleaning.

Spoutvac was acquired by Bucher Municipal in September 2020 and is now a fully integrated member of Bucher Municipal Australia bringing stability and wide opportunities through Bucher Municipal network.


Company Development and Expertise

Spoutvac is solely focused on the manufacture and In Service Support of Vacuum Trucks and Drain Cleaning equipment. Spoutvacs manufacturing and support facility is purpose built to accommodate the specialised manufacture demanded by this equipment.

The company has maintained a solid growth path in the development and manufacture this product and its support capability.

Product design and Performance has attracted a considerable Australia wide client base and world-wide recognition. Spoutvac’s reputation is Synonymous with Quality and Reliability Australia wide for almost 30 years.

Spoutvac’s modular approach to achieve the integrated combined application of a Industrial Vacuum Truck and High Pressure Water or Drain Cleaning Jetting Truck has become renowned to the Australian industry as the Spoutvac Combo. Development and refinement of this equipment continues with the support and feed back of our customers.


Visit our Bendigo factory at 9 Wellsford Drive, East Bendigo, Victoria.

Phone us on +61 3 5443 4033 or email us at sv.sales@buchermunicipal.com.au