Our specially designed wheels offer significant performance benefits in various pipe diameters and for specific operating conditions.


Proteus crawlers feature Mini-Cam’s unique patented wheel lock device. This makes it easy to adapt the crawler wheel type to suit the size and condition of the pipe. Using the supplied 4mm T Bar the operation is quick and simple  with no other tools required.

Watch the short video to see how quick and simple it is to change  wheels on Proteus Crawlers. The clever device increases on-site productivity by reducing the time required to change wheels for specific conditions.


Rich black, soft rubber tyres developed to provide improved traction in regular pipes.

Available in 4 sizes and Wide Axle


Fragmented copper particles fused to an heavy duty stainless steel body.

​Available in 4 sizes and Wide Axle


Hard wearing carborundum manufactured with a deep bevel profile to provide improved traction in wet and greasy pipes.


Heavy duty, 250mm wide tyres designed to improve performance on our large Proteus CRP300 crawler.

Available in 1 size and Wide Axle


Soft Black RubberTo fit CRP90 To fit CRP140To Fit CRP300Recommended Pipe Diameter
60mm WheelQRW60SR/90--100mm
90mm WheelQRW90SR/90QRW90SR/140-150mm
90mm Extra Large WheelQRW90XLSR/90--150mm
115mm Wheel-QRW115SR/140-200 to 300mm
140mm Wheel-QRW140SR/140QRW140SR/300300 to 450mm (150) 300 to 600mm (300)
140mm Extra Large Wheel-QRW140XLSR/140--
Carbide WheelsTo fit CRP90To fit CRP140To fit CRP300Recommended Pipe Diameter
600mm WheelQRW60CB/90--100mm
90mm WheelQRW90CB/90QRW90CB/140-150 to 200mm (90) 150mm (150)
90mm Extra Large WheelQRW90CBXL/90--200mm to 300mm (90)
115mm Wheel -QRW115CB/140-200mm to 300mm
140mm Wheel-QRW140CB/140-300mm to 450mm
High Grip WheelsTo fit CRP90To fit CRP140To fit CRP300Recommended Pipe Diameter
90mm WheelQRW90HG/90QRW90HG/140-150mm to 200mm
90mm Extra Large WheelQRW90HGXL/90--200mm to 300mm
115mm Wheel-QRW115HG/140-200mm to 300mm
140mm Wheel-QRW140HG/140-300mm to 450mm
Pneumatic BalloonTo fit CRP90To fit CRP140To fit CRP300Recommended Pipe Diameter
250mm Wheel--QRW250600mm to 1000mm
250mm Extra Large Wheel--QRW250XL600mm to 1000mm