Compatible with:
CAM026 Pan & Rotate
CAM026L Pan, Rotate & Laser
CAM027 Axial
CAM028L Pan, Rotate, Zoom & Laser
ALB300 Auxiliary Light with Backeye ▵
ALN300 Auxiliary Light (Non-Backeye) ▵
APB300 LED Pod with Backeye ▵
APN300 LED Pod (Non-Backeye) ▵
Continuous monitoring of speed, internal
pressure, inclination and temperature
Dual Axis Inclination Sensor**
Single Auxiliary Light/Backeye/Mounting
Multi-Frequency Sonde** 33kHz / 512Hz / 640Hz
High Torque
All-Wheel Drive
Robust Housing
1 bar Pressure Tight
Quick Change Wheel Lock
Protective Front Connector Cap