Innovative all-in-one system. Designed for one-man self-contained inspections.


The reel of the Lite system is engineered to the same exacting standards as our mainline Proteus equipment. The compact, space-saving design of the reel incorporates easy-to-use features including a friction brake, a sturdy fold-away winding handle, a manually operated cable layering arm and meterage roller, which is easily removed for cleaning.


Minicam’s Proteus Lite brings together, the tried and trusted performance and reliability of the Proteus family, in a value for money, entry-level system.

Rugged, flexible and intelligent, feature-rich Proteus Lite takes your productivity to the next level, enhancing your business with a solid reputation for professional inspections and providing increased profitability from your investment.


Designed and developed in-house, Proteus Lite is the ideal starter kit for a one-man operation, integration into a small inspection van, or a low-cost option for larger companies to use for off-road, remote locations. Proteus Lite provides all the resources required to undertake efficient, easy-to-perform inspections, and with ProPIPE+ and WinCan Embedded software as standard, you can deliver accurate, detailed reports, instantly on site.

Ease of Use Features

  • Manual cable layering arm
  • Fold-away winding handle
  • 2-step quick-release rollers
  • Manual cable layering arm