Eliminate health-hazardous lifting and time-consuming carrying to your remote work site.  Engineered to allow for the mobile operation of your Proteus inspection system in difficult to reach areas, such as inside buildings, or other situations a distance away from your vehicle.

The trolley securely holds everything you need to efficiently undertake your pipeline inspection; control unit, reel, battery pack and accessory case. Simply wheel the unit to your location, connect a camera and crawler, and you’re up and running in minutes.

Please Note: Equipment shown on trolley not included with PTP01


Up to 5 hours of portable power where will it take  you?

The added convenience of Mini-Cam’s unique means there’s no need to rely on generator or mains power. The power pack enables pipeline inspection in the most remote locations with up to 5 hours* inspection time.

Product CodePTP01PTP02PTP03PTP04
CompatibilityRMP100/RMP200RAP200RMP300/RAP300Proteus Lite
Dimensions WxHxD650 x 1150 x 750mm650 x 1150 x 750mm650 x 1150 x 870680 x 1170 x 740mm
Weight (Unladen)9.75kg9.75kg10.5kg16.4kg