The ESE6 Road Driven Dry Vacuum Excavation machine from RSP

Spoutvac are now proud to offer the German built RSP product, known as the market leader in fan-operated suction excavation equipment.
RSP have a great deal of experience in manufacturing mobile suction excavators or Non Destructive digging equipment.

The RSP fan based technology can produce up to 42,000 m3/h or 24,720 cfm or air with a vacuum pressure of 11.8hg making it the most powerful vacuum unit available in Australia
The true advantage of this technology is its ability to vacuum excavate dry, or without the use of water
This ability can provide significate savings in waste costs, enviromental impact, or even using the material you have excavated out of the hole to go back into the hole
The RSP product can also come with options like automated steering and drive function, Gas detection, Full radio remote the list goes on