Drain Cleaning Jetting Truck or Trailer Rouge KF-1000


Rouge 1000 litre 3/4” Drain and sewer cleaning, high velocity water jetting unit

The Rouge trailer was originally produced by Advanced Pressure Technologies over 30 years ago.

With Spoutvac’s acquisition of Advanced Pressure Technologies back in 2004 we have taken the product and breathed new life into the Rouge.

The new Rouge range comes with a 3,200kg ATM full Galvanized steel frame trailer and panelling and a 1,000 litre polyethylene water tank.

The Jetting pump on the Rouge KF36 model is a Pratissoli KF36 running 153 l/min at 130 Bar (1,900 psi)

with a 3/4″ Hydraulic operated sewer hose reel holding 120 meters it is ideal for general council operations cleaning and clearing blockages.

Using the Highest quality USB Dusen nozzle kit, we recommend the KF36 model can clean up to 450mm lines with 153 l/min of water flow.