Recycling Vacuum and Drain Cleaning Combination Truck Kroll 6×4


Bringing German technology to Australia, Kroll provide one of the most efficient Combination Water Recycling trucks for effective drain cleaning and vacuum recovery in the municipal market

With a full Stainless steel body the Kroll Water Recycler Combination unit can give you the reliability and long life you require in a competitive market. The debris tank capacity is up to 6000 litres and can give you a payload of up to 6300kg * while the water tank capacity can be up to 4500 litres.

Vacuum is supplied by the German built CVS vacuum pump giving 3100 m3/hr or 1825cfm The Long reach simultaneous boom provides effortless use of the Vacuum Trucks 6 Inch Vacuum hose, and with a 5.2 Meter reach it is great for Pit Traps  This Recycling Truck comes with a 20 meter 6 Inch vacuum hose in an overhead Cassette design providing longer hose life compared to a Vacuum reel system

Drain Cleaning is provided buy the Australian supported Hammelmann HDP146 water pump with 270 l/min at 205bar The Drain Cleaning system is complemented with the 180 meters of premium 1 Inch jetting hose and full set of USB Drain Cleaning Nozzles

As with most combination trucks in the Australian market we provide this unit with a stand alone Hydro Excavation System suppling 20lpm at 340bar

The Kroll 6×4 maintains a Low overall height with the cassette design and short wheel base of 4100mm and is provided with fully functional Remote control

For piece of mind visit the Kroll Website and see for yourself the experience that comes from quality German Engineering .