Industrial Vacuum Truck with Hydro Excavation SV4000 8×4


The Newest Model Spoutvac with 4,000 m3/hr (2350cfm) Liquid ring vacuum and over 10,000kg Payload

Providing our customers with the best balance between Performance, Versatility and Payload available in the Australian market.
The SV4000 features a 10,000 litre full Stainless Steel debris tank and wrap around Stainless Steel water tank holding 4,000 litres.

A 45 degree Hydraulic tipping body ensures the most stubborn product can be unloaded with ease

The SV4000 comes with a fully hydraulic 6″ (152mm) boom that can be operated via the radio remote or via the CanBus screen at the rear of the vehicle

The CVS 4000 Liquid ring vacuum pump produces 4,000 m3/h or 2350cfm of air flow which means you can handle those deep lift Gross pollutant traps with ease and have air flow to spare around hydro excavation sites

This Unit is in a class all of its own, integrating the CVS Vacuum pump into our product has given Spoutvac the Advantage of building a unit capable of achiving a greater than 10,000kg Payload in all states of Australia on this model.

All Spoutvac Truck based units now come with CanBus systems to integrate the Cab Chassis into our product. The advantages this can provide our customers are options like, on board Weight Assessment, Instantaneous Fuel Burn Assessment, Self Diagnostics and many more options making our product simple for the operator to use, yet sophisticated enough to provide real time information and protection of your asset.

Down load our data sheet for more information or give us a call to talk further about this or any of the vehicles available in the Spoutvac product range.