Industrial Vacuum Truck with Hydro Excavation Trailer Interceptor 10 Cubic


10,000 Litre capacity 3 Axle Dog Trailer Vacuum Interceptor


Full 304 Grade Stainless Steel 10,000 Litre Debris tank with 45 degree Hydraulic tipping and 70 degree rear door open.

Vacuum is supplied by the towing vehicle via stainless steel pipe work and Travis fitting connection

The Debris tank has been fitted with twin 8 Inch ball floats to minimize carry over

Hydraulic controls are via a manual valve bank on the left hand side of the unit

Trailer wheel base is only 3,200mm with an overall length of 8,500mm to keep turning circle to a minimum

This unit has a GVM of 24,000kg with a payload capacity of 16,500kg subject to towing vehicle