Industrial Vacuum Drain Cleaning Combination Truck SV2000 4×2 Cassette


Industrial Combination unit SV2000 4×2 Cassette 3/4″ Drain Cleaning and 5″ Vacuum

Spoutvac are now offering the new SV2000 4×2 Combination Truck with Vacuum Excavation and Drain cleaning capability’s

This new product from Spoutvac provides clients with the ability to balance a full range of services while minimizing there overall capital expenditure.

The Body is based on a short wheel base UD PK17 Cab Chassis and is offered with a full range of optional extras such as satellite navigation, central locking, Crusie control push button Alison Automatic and the list goes on

Vacuum is delivered via the 2000 m3h Hibon Blower with a 5″ (125mm) cassette style boom

While Drain cleaning is supplied by the  KS36 Pratissoli Water pump via 400 feet (120 meters) of 3/4″ Drain cleaning hose.

No Combination unit is complete unless it has Hydro Excavation and the SV2000 is fitted with a 20 litre per minute Comet pump producing 4,000psi (275 Bar)

All SV2000 units come with a range of accessories including you basic Nozzle starter pack, hand guns, lances, vacuum tubes etc.

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