Drain Cleaning Jetting Truck or Trailer Rustler 3000 litre FRR100


RUSTLER 3000 litre 1” Drain and sewer cleaning, high velocity water jetting unit

The Rustler Jetting Truck has been part of Spoutvac and Advanced Pressure Technologies for over 30 years and with Spoutvac’s acquisition of Advanced Pressure Technologies it allowed us to consolidate design ideas, and bring the best of two products together into one.

The traditional Rustler 3000 model is mounted to a 11,000 GVM cab chassis of either Hino or Isuzu and fitted with a 3,000 litre polyethylene water tank.

We build the  enclose with a sliding door for simplicity and operator comfort and this enclosure can be used for tool storage, or it can be upgraded to a camera house if required.

All Spoutvac Rustler models come with side mounted Tool Boxes, Radio Remotes, Training, Reversing Cameras and 1/2″ Hose reels as Standard product

The Jetting pump on the Rustler 3000 is a MW45 Pratissoli running 267 l/min at 155 Bar (2,248 psi) , this can also be upgraded, talk to our sales team for more information

with a 1″ and a 1/2″ Hydraulic operated sewer hose reel’s holding 183 meters or 120 meters consecutively this drain cleaner is ideal for all council and water board operations cleaning and clearing blockages.

Using the Highest quality USB Dusen nozzle kit, we recommend the Rustler 3000 model can comfortable clean up to 1200mm lines with 267 l/min of water flow.