Hydro Excavation Trucks

Spoutvac Industries has a long history in the design, development and construction of Hydro Excavation equipment. If we go back at least 30 years when Hydro Excavation was new to the Australian Civil Industry, Spoutvac had already started to incorporate this equipment as an option into their drain cleaning trucks.

Move forward to today, all Spoutvac built Vacuum and Combination units are fitted standard with some form of Hydro Excavation, from our smallest SV2000 4×2 Combo through to the dedicated Hydro Excavation 6×4 or even our SV4000 8×4 Industrial Vacuum Truck.

We even have hydro excavation equipment added to our Kroll Recyclers and RSP Dry Suction excavation Trucks.

What is Hydro Excavation?

Hydro Excavation is the action of using pressurized water together with vacuum to erode and remove soil.

The speed at which hydro excavation works is based on the balance between the water pressure used and the volume of air or vacuum.

i.e. more water pressure or water volume will erode the soil quicker, more air speed and or air volume will lift larger soil particles, balancing these two mediums will give the best performance or efficiency for the required task.

Considerations with Hydro Excavation;

Hydro Excavation provides the ability to surgically slice the ground close to an asset with a low risk of asset damage, this is why it has become so popular in recent years and been referred to as a best practice technique for many civil engineering company’s

Risks associated with Hydro Excavation;

It is important to remember as with any task there are inherent risks to consider in Australian it is wise to reference the Australian Standards “AS4233.1 High pressure water jetting systems Safe operation and maintenance” and become familiar with the safety aspects of the standard and that any equipment you procure for a Hydro Excavation task is compliant with the standard.

Suitable tasks that are aligned with Hydro Excavation could include;

Service Location


Breaking down Large soil deposits for Clean up


Basic Excavation

Narrow and Small non-destructive excavation

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