The NOZZCam is a steering nozzle with a built-in CCTV camera and display that provides exceptionally clear imagery and extreme maneuverability in any size pipe. This compact self-contained unit included a bright 8” LCD Display, a built-in battery with up to 2.5 hrs of runtime, and a power cable for corded operation or quick recharge. With connections for 1/4”, 1/2”, and 3/4” hoses, 200’ of cable, and a built-in distance tracker, the NOZZCam is sure to become your go-to job site sewer camera.


  1. Easy navigation into and through laterals

  2. Excellent pulling and cleaning power in pipes due to 5 powerful rear jets

  3. CCTV Camera, bright LCD display, 2.5h battery backup

  4. 200’ of cable with distance counter