Minicam crawlers are designed for performance and reliability, our systems are smart, agile and versatile for when you need to inspect pipe/drain runs over 60m for diameters of 100mm+. With the capability to inspect pipe diameters from relined 100mm pipe up to 2200mm. Go mobile with our crawler systems, using the portable storage trolley and battery pack, means that there is no job that can’t be reached.

Standard Features and compatibility

  • CAM026 Pan & Rotate
  • CAM026L Pan, Rotate & Laser
  • CAM027 Axial
  • CAM028L Pan, Rotate, Zoom & Laser
  • ALB300 Auxiliary Light with Backeye ▵
  • ALN300 Auxiliary Light (Non-Backeye) ▵
  • APB300 LED Pod with Backeye ▵
  • APN300 LED Pod (Non-Backeye) ▵
  • Continuous monitoring of speed, internal pressure, inclination and temperature
  • Dual Axis Inclination Sensor**
  • Single Auxiliary Light/Backeye/Mounting
  • Multi-Frequency Sonde** 33kHz / 512Hz / 640Hz
  • Steerable High Torque
  • All-Wheel Drive
  • Robust Housing
  • 1 bar Pressure Tight
  • Quick Change Wheel Lock
  • In-Built Lowering Arm
  • Heavy Duty Camera Connector
  • Protective Front Connector Cap
  • Protective Rear Connector Cap
  • Lowering Rope
  • Protective Carry Case*
  • Tools
    Except CRP90 *Except CRP300 **Optional on CPL1