Pratissoli Pumps

Many things can clog a sewer line and often water is the best resource to clean the line. Tree roots, minerals, dirt, grease, and sludge get clogged and must be removed in order to maintain proper sewer operation. Pratissoli offers pumps with low pressure for smaller lines and higher pressures for industrial applications. Spoutvac can also offer a wide range of Service Videos to help keep you pumps on the road and working for you. 

  • Pratissoli Water Pump Regulator PN4-200

    Pratissoli Water Pump Regulator PN4-200


    High Pressure Water Regulator Pratissoli PN4 200 Replaces the PN3 Regulator Specification; 200 Bar of Pressure and 500 lpm of Flow

    Pratissoli PN4-200 Water Regulator
    The pressure regulator is a manually-adjustable, pressureoperated pneumatic-control device.
    According to its setting, this device limits the pump/system pressure by conveying the excess of water to the by-pass.
    When the outlet flow is blocked, it totally releases the flow,thus keeping the pump/system at the adjusted pressure.
    The pneumatic control of the valve allows to change the hydraulic working pressure by changing the air pressure.
    The two pressures are proportional, i.e. when increasing the pneumatic pressure the hydraulic pressure increases and when reducing the pneumatic pressure the hydraulic pressure decreases.

          Flow:  500 l/min   or  132 gpm
    Pressure: 200 bar   or  3000 psi

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