Pratissoli Pumps

Many things can clog a sewer line and often water is the best resource to clean the line. Tree roots, minerals, dirt, grease, and sludge get clogged and must be removed in order to maintain proper sewer operation. Pratissoli offers pumps with low pressure for smaller lines and higher pressures for industrial applications. Spoutvac can also offer a wide range of Service Videos to help keep you pumps on the road and working for you. 

  • Pratissoli Water pump EKL

    Pratissoli Water pump EKL


    High Pressure Plunger Pump or Piston Pump Pratissoli EKL Series Range from 130-300 Bar of Pressure and 30-70 lpm of Flow


    Triplex plunger pump, available in 6 versions.
    Drive shaft with double projection
    Double pressure packing.
    Horizontal fitted valves.
    Splash lubricated power end.

    Pump body in cast iron.
    Head made of chemical nickel treated spheroidal cast iron
    Shaft bearings with roller rim.
    Forged steel connecting rods with antifriction bearings.
    Crankshaft made of nitrited, hardened and tempered alloy steel.
    Guide pistons in surface-treated steel.
    Plungers made of stainless steel with ceramic coating.
    Valves totally made of stainless steel.Symmetrical power end design featuring top and bottom mounting holes allowing for easy left to right shaft conversion.


          Flow Range: 30-70 l/min   or  8-18.5 gpm
    Pressure Range: 130-300 bar   or  1850-4350 psi

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