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  • Myers Water pump D65-20

    Myers Water pump D65-20


    High pressure Plunger or Piston pump FE Myers D65-20; 140 Bar of Pressure and 245 lpm of Flow

    High Pressure Plunger Pump, or Triplex Pump

    Slow operating speed reduces wear and prolongs pump life. The fluid end of the D Series is available in ductile iron or aluminium bronze with flat valves making this pump series easily maintained. All the valve and piston assembles are serviceable through the front and top opens so the pump can be repaired with out removing it from the drive.

    D Serries Pump Features

    Flows up to 245 lpm (65 gpm) Pressure ratings up to 140Bar (2000psi)
    High Strength fluid end with spring loaded flat valves for consistent
    High pressure pumping
    Easily serviced in field without removal of pump

          Flow: 245 l/min   or  65 gpm
    Pressure: 140 bar   or  2000 psi

    FE Myers D Serries Data Sheet

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