CVS Vacuum Pumps

CVS develops and manufactures compressor vacuum pumps specifically designed for installation in vacuum trucks. The development of these Vacuum Pumps is made in close collaboration with our customers, guaranteeing the optimum product for your application. The WR series liquid ring compressor vacuum-pump, or Liquid Ring Vacuum Pump as referred to in Australia was developed especially for the high requirements of Vacuum Trucks or Drain Cleaning Trucks, in the municipal vacuum truck and combination truck market (or combo as they are sometimes refereed to). 

  • CVS VacuStar Liquid Ring WR2500


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    A Vacuum Pump for a small to medium vacuum truck the WR2500 is a great performing pump capable of 1470 cfm excellent pump for liquid waste and its Industrial specification provides long life and reliability

    CVS VacuStar Liquid Ring WR2500