Crawlers and Wheels


  • CCTV Proteus 150mm Crawler

    CCTV Proteus 150mm Crawler


    For use in pipe sizes from 150mm to 600mm and compatible with a large range of Proteus Cameras, the CRP150 is a reliable resource for all pipe Inspections.

    The PROTEUS™ CRP150 is a robust, lightweight and extremely powerful 6 wheel drive, steerable crawler, and offers everything needed for professional pipeline inspection.

    Designed and developed in-house, Mini-Cam’s PROTEUS™ CRP150 crawler is part of an entry-level modular system for the pipeline inspection market, and can be fully portable with the PROTEUS™ Trolley and Battery components, giving up to 5 hours of inspection in a highly compact solution. 

    PROTEUS Data Sheet