Cable Reels

Mini Cams range of Proteus™ motorised and manual cable reels are complimentary to a range of CCTV products including Proteus™ crawler systems, sewer cameras and drain cameras. They are suitable for all your pipe inspection and drain survey needs. 

  • CCTV Proteus 300 Metre Motorised Cable Reel

    CCTV Proteus 300 Metre Motorised Cable Reel


    The smooth operation of the 300 metre Motorised Cable Reel is due to the powerful three-phase motor which makes this reel a must have for any one-person jobs.

    Motorised Cable reel for up to 300 metres of inspection cable. Reel extends and retracts cable in sync with crawler speed. Adjustable torque, emergency stop, manual operation function, has it's own 24V power supple.

    300 metre cable included.