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Drain Cleaner Nozzles or Drain cleaning tools from Warthog offer superior drain cleaning. As a distributor of Warthog product, the Spoutvac team can help you size the right sewer nozzle for your drain cleaning machine or hydro jetting equipment. Spoutvac offer the full range of Warthog nozzles and with one of the largest stocks of high pressure water nozzles you know you can trust Spoutvac to keep your water jet machine going 

  • Warthog WV-1/4 Nozzle

    Warthog WV-1/4 Nozzle


    The WV-1/4 is the smallest Warthog best suited to the small plumbing market as a low cost efficent nozzle for general cleaning in pipes 50mm to 100mm  

    Drain Cleaner Nozzles or Drain Cleaning tools from WARTHOG


    Product Information

    The WV-1/4 uses flow-through technology and features a revolutionary high-speed design with no high pressure seals or bearings to service. It effectively cleans lines as small as 2” with long sweeping elbows.

    This new design also features permanent, pre-drilled orifices. The tool operates from 2-5k psi (140-350 bar) and 3-8 gpm (11-30 l/min). It has a 1/4” NPT pipe thread inlet and if a 1/4” NPT hose fitting is used the tool can pass through long radius elbows in 2” and larger lines. There are no maintenance or overhaul kits due to the low maintenance design.

    Contact us for more information on the hose requirements.

    WV-1/4 General Specifications

    Maximum Pressure    5000 psi 350 bar  
    Operating Pressure  2000-5000 psi     100-350 bar  
    Rotation Speed  High Speed    
    Flow Rate  3-8 gpm 11-30 l/min  
    Pulling Force  9 lb 40 Nm  
    Hose Dia  1/4 Inch BSP   
    Tool Dia  1.3 Inchs 33 mm  
    Tool Length  2.0 Inchs 51 mm  
    Insert Ports  3 off Drilled   
    Weight  0.45 lb 0.2 kg  


    WV-1/4 Head Options

    Part Number  Front Jet  Size  Rear Jet  Size  Flow Rate 
    WV-1/4-A  1 0.6mm 2 1.3mm    26-30 l/min
    WV-1/4-B  1 0.5mm 2 1.0mm 15-23 l/min
    WV-1/4-C  1 0.45mm 2 0.8mm 15-17 l/min
    WV-1/4-D  1 0.45mm 2 0.7mm 11-13 l/min


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