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Drain Cleaner Nozzles or Drain cleaning tools from Warthog offer superior drain cleaning. As a distributor of Warthog product, the Spoutvac team can help you size the right sewer nozzle for your drain cleaning machine or hydro jetting equipment. Spoutvac offer the full range of Warthog nozzles and with one of the largest stocks of high pressure water nozzles you know you can trust Spoutvac to keep your water jet machine going 

  • Warthog WD-1-1/4 Nozzle

    Warthog WD-1-1/4 Nozzle


    The WD-1 1/4 is the proven choice for municipalities and contractors who are faced with cleaning pipes 152mm to 457mm supplied with Tungsten Tips for longer life 

    Drain Cleaner Nozzles or Drain Cleaning tools from WARTHOG


    Product Information

    Spoutvac offer four larger WARTHOG models to handle municipal, industrial and commercial drain cleaning applications. By installing replaceable AP2 nozzle tips that are sized to maximize the efficiency and effectiveness of your pump, these tools are highly productive. They eliminate the need for using several types of specialty tools to complete the job.

    The WD-1-1/4 has been designed to handle the same applications as the WG-1 Classic but at a higher flow.
    The 1-1/4 Inch inlet combined with 7 ports,effectively distribute more water.
    Descaling heads are not available for this model.

    Large combination trucks with 1-1/4” hose use this tool predominately. Municipalities around the world rely on this tool to handle their biggest challenges. Descaling head options are also available.

    WD-1-1/4 Classic Specifications


    Maximum Pressure  3000 psi 200 bar  
    Operating Pressure  1500-3000 psi 100-200 bar  
    Rotation Speed  150-300 rpm    
    Flow Rate  80-120 gpm 300-450 l/min  
    Pulling Force  130-190 lb 600-850 Nm  
    Hose Dia  1-1/4 Inch BSP   
    Tool Dia  4.8 Inchs 122mm  
    Tool Length  9.1 Inchs 231mm  
    Insert Ports  7 off 1/8 NPT  
    Weight  11 lb 5.0 kg  


    WD-1-1/4 Data Sheet

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