USB Nozzles

Drain Cleaner Nozzles or Drain cleaning tools from USB Dusen offer superior drain cleaning. As the exclusive distributor of USB Dusen products, the Spoutvac team can help you size the right sewer nozzle for your drain cleaning machine or hydro jetting equipment. Spoutvac offer the full range of USB nozzles and with one of the largest stocks of high pressure water nozzles you know you can trust Spoutvac to keep your water jet machine going. Don't forget to check the next page for more great product 

  • USB Flying Nozzle

    USB Flying Nozzle

    USB 1120

    Using 3D-fluid mechanics for powerful cleaning.  

    The Flying Nozzle from USB Düsen offers superior drain cleaning. Employing a high performance traction nozzle for smaller pipes. With 3D-fluid-mechanics for highest traction force and best cleaning results.


       Name     Part Number  Hose size         Weight kg         Flow range l/min    
    USB 1118 1 Inch 3.3 100-200  
    USB 1120 1 Inch 2.2 100-200  
    USB 1126 3/4 Inch 1.2 30-100  
    USB 1128 1/2 Inch 0.3 0-30  


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