• SPIRALITE 1100 203mm Vacuum Hose

    SPIRALITE 1100 203mm Vacuum Hose


    High quality durable anti static Vacuum hose for wet and dry applications Light weight highly flexible rubber base with PVC reinforcing   

    Industrial Vacuum Hose SPIRALITE 1100

    Key features of the Spiralite hose are;
    A strong Corrugated Rubber outer for increased flexibility, easier manuvrability and better handling.
    Premium Nitrile rubber body for long work life, better flexability, and without blended PVC is less likely to crack in the harsh Australian sun
    Smooth inner, reduces internal turbulence, allows product to travel easier with less chance of blockage
    Shatter-proof PVC helix,with Static dissipating throughout the life of the hose
    Spiralite is a USA Manufactured hose that Spoutvac procures direct from the manufacturer

    Part Number     ID mm      OD mm      Weight kg/mt     Bend Radius mm   
    PS81038  38 48 0.57 76  
    PS81051  51 61 0.80 102  
    PS81063  63 76 1.14 127  
    PS81076  76 90 1.56 152  
    PS81102  102 118 2.50 204  
    PS81152  152 174 4.73 305  
    PS81204  204 231 8.52 408