PROTEUS™ Crawler Inspection System – Portability Beyond Belief

The highly-flexible, modular PROTEUS™ system can easily be extended to fit round your expanding needs, with a range of crawlers and accessories.

With our experience of innovating solutions for the Pipeline Inspection Industry extending back over 20 years, we have created our most advanced, most capable, most feature-rich, and most expandable system.                         

PROTEUS™ has been designed to meet your needs in the real world: a system which is highly affordable, reliable, fully supported by experienced engineers, our “Here to Help™” video built-in support, highly expandable and - most
importantly - future proof.                        

Spoutvac Industries offer custom made solutions to suit most applications and don’t hesitate contact us for a PROTEUS™ demonstration today.                         

Now with Approved Service and Support centres in VIC, NSW, QLD, NT and WA



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